myiDecide Affiliates

How does the myiDecide Affiliate Program work? #

We provide the custom links for you to send, marketing material for social media posts, advertisements, and a back office to track your clicks, sales, and commissions… everything you need to help you share myiDecide with your friends and connections. With every successful referred customer or affiliate, you earn!


Here’s a short video explaining your Affiliate Dashboard.

myiDecide Affiliates

Your Affiliate Dashboard #

After you sign up and login, you will have access to your Affiliate Dashboard. This is where you keep track of all your earnings, referrals, and sub-affiliates. Your Dashboard will have an overview of your earnings, referral links, and FAQ’s about the program.

You will have two links that will already have your referral code added, a myiDecide and an iDecide Assist link. You will send the respective link to your prospect based on whether they’re interested in building a presentation themselves on the myiDecide platform or having our team of iDecide professionals build their presentation for them with iDecide Assist.

Referrals & Sub-Affiliates #

People who use your specific referral link will be known and automatically added as your referred customer. When your referred customer decides to become an affiliate; they will automatically be listed as your sub-affiliate. If your referral only wants to sign up for the Affiliate Program, you can send them you sub-affiliate sign-up link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you refer them as your Sub-Affiliate and they make purchase without using your Referral Link, they will NOT be enrolled as your referral. They MUST use your referral link to make a purchase to be considered your customer.

Advertising & Assets #

In the Assets tab of your back office, you have access to pre built marketing material to use when promoting myiDecide. You can copy & paste the code to embed the respective photos online; and the codes already have your unique referral link added to them!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Complete Assets Folder holds plenty of resources for you to use, however, the images and assets you use from this folder will not have your embed code added, so you will have to embed them manually.

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