What are slide categories?

  • Intros
  • Closes
  • Menus
  • Text
  • Button Interactions
  • Sliders
  • Images
  • Logo Reveals
  • Other Cool Stuff (Literally!)


How to use the slide categories in myiDecide? myiDecide is our Drag-N-Drop presentation tool. Simply click a category for the slide type you want to add, then select the animation you’d like to use and drag it onto your timeline. You can also click the slide and it will automatically put that slide at the end of your timeline.

FAQ: Why are all my slides greyed out/ not clickable? #

Your presentation must start with an “Intro” slide and have a “Closing” slide at the very end. Our software won’t let you add a slide until you’ve added an “Intro” slide to your timeline.


    Cool Tips-n-Tricks: Be creative with how you use each slide type!

    Use button slides as an animation by setting the Button Target to “NONE”: #

    Select “Button Target” and choose “NONE”. Doing this will disable the interactive button and allow you to use the animation without the viewer being able to click on the slide. The animation will play out and will automatically continue to the next slide.

    Here’s an example of a button slide being used as an animation rather than an interaction:

    Builder Button Target None

    Builder 2 Button Diamond

    Use menu slides to display pictures, logos, products, etc: #

    When editing a menu slide, delete the text and insert an image with your logo(s) embedded. We recommend using a 3rd party editing software such as Adobe Photoshop if you don’t already have them made. Then you can use our image editor to adjust the image size and placement.

    Set the Button Targets to “NONE” if you don’t want them to be clickable.

    Here’s an example of a menu slide displaying multiple logos:

    Builder Image Library Button

    Builder Logo In Buttons

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