Post A Link vs. Send Directly To Contacts



Post A Link vs. Send Directly To Contacts #

In your iDecide Back Office there are two ways you can share your presentation; you can choose to Post A Link or send it directly to Contacts.

Post A Link Vs Contacts

After logging into iDecide Interactive, you should see a menu of tiles to choose from.  The first two tiles on the left are Contacts and Post A Link, these are where you can go to create your presentation links.

Back Office Tiles

When To Use Each Option #

Contacts: You should ALWAYS use this method unless you are posting your presentation to a public site or social media. This is an iDecide Best Practice and you’ll have significantly higher open rates. If you are sending a link directly to a prospect, we recommend taking the time to add their contact information to your CONTACTS tab and creating a unique link for them. This will automatically put their name throughout the presentation, without them having to type anything before starting. When they click their unique link, they’ll be taken straight to the Welcome Screen of the presentation which usually has their name displayed, and they’ll know from the start that this is a fully personalized experience designed just for them!

Post A Link: Post A Links should only be used when you’d like to post the link somewhere public, like social media, business cards, your website, etc. This generic link will ask the viewer to enter their contact information before seeing the Welcome Screen so that our system can add their name throughout the presentation for a personalized experience. People are hesitant to give out their information so the open rates are lower, which is why we discourage you from using a Post A Link when sending to individuals. To increase the likelihood of people entering their information, we recommend adding a personalized message to your post stating that you’ll be the only one with access to their contact information and they’re about to see a personalized presentation like they’ve never experienced before!

Sending to Contacts #

If you have a specific person in mind you’d like to send your presentation to, this is the best option to do that. It will auto-generate your recipient’s name throughout the presentation, curating a personalized experience for them to enjoy. When they finish watching, their contact will be updated in your back office to reflect any final decisions they made. We HIGHLY recommend sending the presentation directly to your contact.

1.) Click the CONTACTS  tile on your dashboard

2.) Click the name of the person you’d like to send a presentation. Once you’ve clicked the contact name, you’ll see a pop-up that looks like this.

3.) Review your recipient’s contact information to ensure that it is correct

4.) Choose which presentation you’d like to send them from the drop down list.

5.) Click NEXT and a unique link URL will then be generated.

6.) Copy and paste the link into any messaging platform (text, email, WhatsApp, etc.)

Back Office Presentation Dropdown

Back Office Send An iDecide

Sending a Post A Link #

If you’d like to post your link somewhere that multiple people will see, choose Post A Link instead.

1.) Click the POST A LINK tile on your dashboard

2.) Select which presentation you’d like to send from the drop down list.

3.) Click NEXT and a generic link URL will be generated.

4.) You have three easy options readily available for you to select:

Share on Facebook: This will open up Facebook in another window, where you can login and post your link to your News Feed or Page.

Copy & Paste: To paste it anywhere other than Facebook, you can click the “copy to clipboard” button and paste the URL wherever you’d like.

Embed Your Presentation: You can embed your presentation to your website by copying and pasting this code into your HTML.

Notifications #

Before you close either window, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and choose which method you’d like to receive notifications: Email or Text

You must click CLOSE to save your notification selection! 

Important Note: You must have your phone number added to your account to receive text notifications. To do this, click the ACCOUNT tab then find the MOBILE PHONE entry to type in your preferred contact number.

Back Office Email Updates

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