Features of iDecide

iDecide takes “interactive” to a whole new level with features that PowerPoint and video presentations only dream of doing.

Interactive & Immersive Experience

Prospects become more involved in the presentation because you're giving them control to obtain the most relevant information when they're ready.

  • Choose their presentation path so it’s relevant to where they are in their customer journey with you.
  • Eliminate boredom with engaging, clickable prompts that keep your prospect moving through the presentation (and able to buy as soon as they’re ready).

AI Driven

The world’s first and only presentation that can change based on the viewer’s choices, location, language…

  • Viewers answer questions and iDecide customizes their experience based on your prospect’s answers so they experience what they want, when they want it.
  • iDecide makes recommendations on what they’d be most interested in, how they could benefit the most from your product/service, and even customizes the background images and currency.

Personalized for Each Unique Viewer

iDecide automatically places the viewer's name in the presentation.

  • Personalized presentations can 3x viewer engagement.
  • Viewers know you care enough to use their names, so your trust and credibility skyrockets.

Al Driven Geolocation Customization

Artificial Intelligence automatically customizes your presentation based on the viewer's location.

  • Al updates to local pricing, relevant background images, and more!
  • Viewers will see their city in the presentation, so they know the information is relevant to them.
  • You’ll never have to update location-specific information for every single presentation
    again… iDecide does it for you.

Relevant Calculations

Viewers enter their unique information into the presentation and iDecide spits out results that show how your offer will benefit them.

Plus, answers are sent to the sales rep so they can follow-up with personalized information.

Your viewers could learn things like:

  • How much they could save using your product.
  • How much they could earn working with you.
  • The amount of insurance they might need.
All based on info they’ve provided!

Presenter Notifications

Know when someone starts and finishes your presentation.

Then, iDecide notifies you when it's time to follow-up so you'll never lose a hot lead.

  • Never forget to follow up with a prospect again.
  • Receive real-time notifications via text or email, whatever works for you.
  • Never wonder if a prospect is ghosting you after viewing their presentation… because you’ll
    know if they saw it or just didn’t get around to it yet (Time to follow-up!).

Presentation Analytics

Stay up-to-date with presentation metrics so you know what's converting.

  • Presentation creation data (know how many reps created presentations).
  • View drop-off data so you can optimize your presentations.
  • Analyze viewing numbers and close rates so you can understand your conversion rates and optimize.

Live Updates & Real-Time Data

iDecide updates data in real-time even for presentation links shared months ago, so your insights are never embarrassingly old.

  • Edits to your website are live in your presentation instantly and automatically (you won’t lift a
  • Share your presentation with confidence knowing everything is up-to-date so your credibility
    doesn’t take a nose-dive.
  • Show things like inventory amounts, stock prices, and crypto values… all in real time!
  • Keep viewers focused on your presentation because they won’t bounce to Google data.

Appointment Setting

Lets the viewer schedule a call without having to leave the presentation.

  • No more missed calls or voicemails.
  • Appointment appears in your notifications.

Let Them Buy When They’re Ready

Never talk yourself out of a sale again.

  • Links in the presentation go directly to your order page so viewers don’t get lost in a sea of buttons and pages.
  • A no-pressure closing approach allows the viewer to choose when to buy so they’re not waiting until the end if they’re ready now.
  • Eliminate sales “pitch” anxiety and allow viewers to fully engage and explore your offer.

Include Videos In The Presentation

Keep viewers engaged in your presentation by including persuasive videos so they're never tempted to leave the presentation early.

  • Viewers can watch the video without leaving your iDecide presentation.
  • Add complex info or a personalized video without redirecting your viewer to a new browser window.

Coaching Call

1:1 coaching sessions with a member of our team.

  • 15 minutes with a Pro Subscription.
  • 45 minutes with an Elite Subscription.

AI Script Generator

Not sure what to say in your presentation? We’ve got you covered!

  • FREE questionnaire turns your answers into an editable script.
  • The script coincides with a Pre-Built template, including color coding and design elements.
  • Quickly and easily build your presentation!