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iDecide iDs are used to gain access to iDecide Presentations. Every presentation has a unique iD associated with it.

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Some presentations are private at the creator’s request. You’ll need to get that iDecide iD from them or contact us at Hi@iDecide.com in order to use it.

Scroll down to see a library of public presentations available to you, and check back in as we continue to add to the list!

iDecide Library

Click each below to see a preview, and add the iDecide iD in your back office to gain access to the presentation.

Bitcoin 101

A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency. Educate prospects about the explosive growth in the crypto space, what it is, is the boom over…

Cool Feature: Shows “real time” value of Bitcoin!

iD: BIT101

Business 101

Professionally and logically explains the affiliate/network marketing business model.

Not company or product specific!

iD: BUS101

Financial 101

Educates prospects on the “4 Cornerstones” to a sound financial future- Protection, Growth, Safety, Taxes. Simple and fun.

Perfect for financial advisors & insurance agents!

iD: FIN101

Ketosis 101

What is Ketosis? What are the benefits? How do I get into it? A simple overview that will prompt prospects to ask for more info.

Perfect for those selling Keto products!

iD: KET101