About Us

We’ve been around for just a few years, and we’ve made 100’s of thousands of people very happy.

Who We Are & What We Do

In 2017, we started with two employees and an idea in Youngstown, OH. That idea was, and still is, to “Empower The Inspired.” Our goal is to provide our clients, the inspired, with the most cutting edge presentation technology in the world today so that they can accomplish their goals and make a difference.

We are proud to see that dream become a reality in just these few short years with offices around the U.S. and clients around the world. And we definitely do not take that growth for granted! We love and value our clients, and world class customer service will always be a top priority.

(iDecide’s founder still personally reviews EVERY customer service email!)

Our incredible clients come from a variety of market segments, including B2B SaaS companies, non-profits, network marketers, and even a race team! We are proud to say we have helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and we look forward to seeing those numbers grow as the years progress and our presentation solutions continue to improve. As a matter of fact, in the time it took you to read this, we’ve probably come up with something else that’ll blow your customers away!


My leaders have embraced this technology and have been enjoying an 80+% close rate!

Ted W.
Blue Diamond, Valentus

We are extremely impressed with iDecide. It removes the fear-factor and has been so successful!

Dave B.
Founder and CEO, Truvy