What is an iDecide ID?

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What if I don’t have an iDecide ID? #

If you’d like to use an iDecide that someone else created, simply ask them for their iDecide ID or email hi@idecide.com with the company you’re searching for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

When do I use an iDecide ID? #

You use an iDecide ID whenever you’d like to gain access to an existing presentation.

Who can use your iDecide ID? #

Any person with an active iDecide Interactive subscription that you choose to give your iDecide ID to will have access to your presentation.

Can someone edit my presentation if I give them my iDecide ID? #

No. As of right now, only the original author of the presentation can edit a presentation. 

Where can I find my iDecide ID on the myiDecide Builder? #

There are 2 places you’ll see the iDecide ID for your presentation on the myiDecide Builder.

1.) On the Publish screen on the last step of your building process.

2.) On your presentation list in the myiDecide Builder.  If your presentation has been published, you’ll see a green tile beneath the details. This button lets you know that it has indeed been published and shows you the presentation’s iDecide ID. Please note, if you are still building or editing, you will not see this tile.


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