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Bulk Importing Contacts

You can import multiple contacts at once to your contacts list in two ways: using a .CSV file on desktop or uploading directly from your phone contacts through our mobile app.

Importing Contacts Using a .CSV File #

This feature is great if you have a CRM full of prospects you’d like to send iDecides to. Most platforms let you export your list in a .CSV document, which you can then easily upload to your iDecide back office.

What is a .CSV File? 

A .CSV file is a file format in which you can save a spreadsheet or Excel sheet. A common mistake made by users is attempting to upload an Excel sheet without saving it as a .CSV file first.
Saving the file in this format may differ, but you can determine the file format on Excel by clicking: File > Save As… > File Format: Dropdown Menu > CSV (.csv) > Save

How should I format my .CSV File?

Your .CSV file must have a header row and at least a name field must be present. You may also want to include columns for:

Email Address
Phone Number

Your .CSV file should look something like this before exporting.

My .CSV is ready, now how do I upload it?

Locate the “IMPORT | EXPORT” button at the bottom right of the CONTACTS page in your iDecide Back Office.

Back Office Contacts


Click the IMPORT CONTACTS tab, then either click the blue “Upload” button to select the file from your computer, or drag the file from your computer and drop it inside of the dotted area.

Bulk Import Using the iDecide App #

This is the easiest way to import multiple contacts at one time and is especially useful if you don’t have a CRM platform and keep all your prospects in your phone’s contacts.

Open the iDecide App and click the “IMPORT” button at the top right of the CONTACTS page.

Click “Import Multiple People”

Then select the contacts from your device’s contact list that you’d like to import and click DONE when you’re finished. This will automatically add the selected people to your iDecide Contacts, which will be available on your app and when you login on your desktop browser.

Exporting Contacts

You can export a .CSV file of your iDecide contact list from your desktop back office. This is especially useful if you’d like to add them to a email service or CRM.

To do this, locate the “IMPORT | EXPORT” button at the bottom right of the CONTACTS page in your iDecide Back Office.

Back Office Contacts

Click the EXPORT CONTACTS tab, then choose the filters to determine which contacts you’d like to include on your .CSV file. 

Your spreadsheet will have the following headers that include which presentation you sent them, when they viewed it, and what outcome they chose!

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