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Choosing A Theme

Themes determine the look and feel of your presentation, things like the default colors of the lines and borders, the default background images, and default font style. Each theme has its own colors, fonts, and images, but there’s flexibility here, too! Along the way you’ll be able to edit all of those to fit your branding. And If you start building your presentation and change your mind, you can always come back and change the theme by clicking THEMES in the navigation bar.

Builder Fresh Images

Fresh Includes 

Office Spaces

  • Technology
  • Cool Color Scheme
  • Clean San-Serif Fonts

Builder Rustic Images

Rustic Includes

Farm Animals

  •  Fields
  • Dark Color Scheme
  • Serif Fonts

Builder Adore Images

Adore Includes

Happy People
Bright Positive Colors
Plants & Food
Abstract Backgrounds

Builder Presige Images

Prestige Includes

Moody Dark Backgrounds
Ornate Architecture
Luxury Destinations
Beautiful People in Formal Wear
Metallic Color Scheme

Builder Edge Images

Edge Includes

Workout Equipment
People Exercising

  • Fitness Motifs

Builder Campaign Images

Campaign Includes

Patriotic Backgrounds
Architecture, Monuments & Landscapes

  • Families
  • Bold American Color Scheme


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