What is a timeline?

How do I allow my viewer to choose their own path?


You can let your viewer choose where they’d like to go next by utilizing the Next Slide or Button Target features. This is particularly helpful when adding a main menu so the viewer can go to the slides of the section they chose, then back to the main menu to choose another section!


Builder Slide Target

Builder Fork Target

Though iDecide and myiDecide aren’t meant to be linear, they can be! Slides that don’t have an interaction will default to the next slide in your timeline unless specified otherwise.

Useful Notes!


–  For a complete presentation experience, your presentation must include an “Intro” slide and at least one “closing” slide.

–  Naming your slides will help you stay organized on your timeline and when choosing your Next Slide destinations and Button Targets.


–  We’ve also introduced color coding so you can better differentiate your slides and topics on your timeline. The viewer will never see these colors, they’re simply to help YOU stay organized when building.

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