Importing and Exporting Contacts

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Adding, Importing & Exporting Contacts

You may already have a list of contacts that you want to send your completed iDecide presentation to. Or you may want to add your contacts to another program such as a CRM. This is easy with iDecide, and important so everyone you want to see your iDecide, does!

Adding a single contact

You can add a single contact by logging into the iDecide Back Office, navigating to the contacts page, and choosing the “ADD CONTACT” button at the bottom left of the page. You can also log into our mobile app and choose “ADD CONTACT” at the top of the home page.

Back Office Add Contact Button

App New Contact

Remember to choose “SAVE” when you’re finished adding your contact’s information. This will automatically add the contact to your contacts list. Using a Post-a-link will automatically add any contact’s info who starts the presentation to your Back Office.

Importing Contacts

You can import multiple contacts at once to your contact’s list in two ways: using a .csv file on desktop or uploading directly from your phone contacts through our mobile app.

Importing Contacts Using a .csv File

Locate the “IMPORT | EXPORT” button at the bottom right of the contacts page in your iDecide Back Office.

Back Office Contacts

Here, you can choose to upload, which will open a window so you can navigate to, and pick your file, or you can drag and drop your file straight into the site.

Keep in mind your .csv file must have a header row, and at least a name field must be present. You may also want to include:
Email Address
Phone Number

Back Office Export Contacts

Back Office CVS

Your .csv file should look something like this before exporting.


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