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How is myiDecide different from iDecide Assist and iDecide Custom?

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We get it! We know some things can be a little confusing; especially when you are new to iDecide. So allow us to help you understand the difference between our products and services.

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What is a myiDecide?

Simply put, myiDecide is our brand new, drag-n-drop presentation builder that is easier to use than Powerpoint! You can make your presentations interactive, add main menus, put the viewer’s name IN the presentation, add music and your own voice overs!

A myiDecide is also referred to as our “Do It Yourself” presentation tool.

What is an iDecide Assist?

iDecide Assist is an upgraded version where our team will build the presentation for you on the myiDecide platform based on your answers to an 8 question survey. iDecide Assist is an optional service to further enhance your presentation building experience with our professional iDesigners™.

Assist Start To Finish

Though our iDesigners™ take your presentation from start to finish, you can still change and modify the contents of your presentation without restriction once our team has finished assisting you.

What is an iDecide Custom?

iDecide Custom is available to our enterprise customers with advanced graphics and animations curated by our talented graphic design team. After a quick comprehensive discussion, our team will build a fully customized presentation branded to your company. Complete with real time updates, interactive calculators, analytics, advanced button and animation designs and so MUCH MORE!

Please visit the Pricing tab on our website to see a feature breakdown between products.


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