Partner Program

Get all the software, expert support, and resources you’ll need to become the partner your followers can’t live without

Grow broader. Grow bigger. Grow better.

The iDecide Partner Program is an ecosystem of industry leaders, influencers, and enterprise companies that offer their expertise to followers and are consistently looking for ways to add value by introducing cutting edge technology and solutions.

Whether you want to expand your reach, earn additional rev share, or turn your followers on to a new product they’ve never seen anywhere else, myiDecide experts will provide iDecide Partners with continuous support on their growth strategy and our AI driven, interactive presentation platform to ensure that you grow with your clients.

Because we all know growth isn’t just about your business, it’s about your followers and their customers’ experience too!

What Is myiDecide?

We’ve been blowing people away and increasing close rates with our flagship product, iDecide Elite, since 2017. But it’s a totally custom-built presentation typically used by large companies and teams.

myiDecide changes everything!

In addition to earning commission on Pro Subscriptions offered to the myiDecide Affiliates, the iDecide Partner Program has exclusive access to earning commission on Standard and Elite subscriptions! 


Are You A Good Fit?

The iDecide Partner Program is designed for customer-centric agencies, industry leaders or influencers, and other enterprise companies that want to grow their business and share the best presentation technology on the planet. 

It’s a good fit if you:

  • Provide industry expertise in the area of sales, marketing, personal development, entrepreneurship, business, or related topics on a large scale using 1 or more social media platforms.
  • Desire a collaborative setting that allows you the creative freedom to produce and post content that resonates with your personal brand.
  • Are a company that has built an iDecide presentation with either an Elite or Pro subscription and wants to refer your reps to send it.

Is that you? Then click to schedule a call! We’ll answer your questions and ask some as well.

Not An Influencer?

We may still be able to work together!

The iDecide Partner Program is for influencers, enterprise companies, agencies, or other industry leaders who have a digital platform to help followers implement new systems and grow their business.

If you’d like to promote myiDecide to friends, family, and co-workers who want to build their own AI driven, interactive presentation, then the myiDecide Affiliate Program might be the best fit for you!