myiDecide Does Your Presentation For You!

Easily create interactive “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” presentations that blow PowerPoint and videos away.

Save Time

“Click and Send” or post myiDecide presentations anywhere! Spend your valuable time only with prospects who’ve already seen what you do and want to meet!

“I love myiDecide! I closed 3 last week straight from the presentation, without them even coming back to me for more information. It definitely works!”
– Paul G.

Close More Business

Attention is the currency of today! Choose-Your-Own-Adventure presentations capture the prospect’s attention, leading to higher close rates! Your viewers interact with their screen with questions, menu choices, and fun interactions!

“Because iDecide is interactive, the viewer’s attention is sustained and the information is assimilated.”
– Bernadette N.

Know Everything About Your Presentation…
and Your Prospect!

You’ll know when a prospect starts and finishes your presentation, the choices they made, when they’d like to meet… and anything else that’s important to you!

“Data is key in today’s world, and myiDecide tells me everything I need to know!
– Dillon S.

myiDecide Samples

Take a look at a few presentations for different industries!


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Created to promote their services and increase sales!

Health Products

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Created for a health & wellness network marketing company, designed to educate the viewer and to promote their products.

Artificial Intelligence

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This unique presentation was designed to showcase the benefits of utilizing A.I. as another tool in your marketing campaigns!

Public Speaker "Media Kit"

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Designed to help promote the career and services of a public speaker, to help expand their influence and book more speaking engagements!


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This myiDecide was created by a consulting firm to expand their services and reach new clientele!

Fitness Program

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This presentation was created to sell fitness program memberships and other services!

Features of myiDecide

myiDecide takes “interactive” to a whole new level with features that PowerPoint and video presentations only dream of doing.

Interactive & Immersive Experience

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Prospects become more involved in the presentation because you’re giving them control over what they see.

  • Let them choose their path by adding Menus.
  • Eliminate boredom with engaging, clickable prompts that keep your prospect moving through the presentation (and able to buy as soon as they’re ready).
  • Slides react based on your viewers’ answers.

Personalized for Each Viewer

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Personalized presentations increase engagement 3x.

  • iDecide automatically places the viewer’s name in the presentation WITHOUT editing the presentation each time.
  • Viewers know you care enough to personalize their experience, so your trust and credibility skyrockets.
  • Add details like their name, location, and real date/time of the moment they’re watching.

Presentation Notifications

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Know when someone starts and finishes your presentation, and what they chose.

  • Receive real-time notifications via text or email.
  • myiDecide reminds you to follow-up so you’ll never lose a hot lead.
  • Follow up more effectively because you’ll know what your prospect chose to see.

Presentation Analytics

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Stay up-to-date with presentation metrics so you know what’s converting.

  • Analyze viewing numbers & close rates, understand your conversion rates & optimize.
  • Zapier Integration to see even deeper analytics: Slide views, viewer choices, rep activity, & more.
  • FREE Zapier template gets you started easily!

Appointment Setting

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Lets the viewer schedule a call without having to leave the presentation.

  • No more missed calls or voicemails.
  • Appointment appears in your notifications.
  • Or send them straight to your Calendly or other scheduling app.

Live Updates & Real-Time Data

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When you make edits to your presentation, myiDecide updates it in real-time… even for presentation links shared months ago. 

  • No more worrying if outdated presentations are floating out there. 
  • Prospects will always see the most up-to-date version.
  • Maintain your credibility and confidence knowing everything prospects see is 100% up-to-date.

Let Them Buy When They’re Ready

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Never talk yourself out of a sale again.

  • Links in the presentation go directly to your order page so viewers don’t get lost in a sea of buttons and pages.
  • A no-pressure closing approach allows the viewer to choose when to buy so they’re not waiting until the end if they’re ready now.
  • Eliminate sales “pitch” anxiety and allow viewers to fully engage and explore your offer.

Include Videos In The Presentation

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SHORT videos (less than 90 seconds!) keep viewers engaged. 

  • Great for personalized introductions or explaining complex info.
  • Viewers can watch the video without leaving your myiDecide presentation.

AI Script Generator

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Not sure what to say in your presentation? We’ve got you covered!

  • FREE questionnaire turns your answers into an editable script.
  • The script coincides with a Pre-Built template, including color coding and design elements.
  • Quickly and easily build your presentation!

myiDecide Templates

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Need a little help starting your presentation? Choose from one of our pre-built presentation templates!

  • Each template includes carefully selected slides to fit your presentation’s needs, ensuring a seamless start to your presentation.
  • Expertly curated background music, images, and voice-overs have been selected for each template’s unique needs.
  • All templates are fully customizable, offering you the flexibility to adapt and personalize them to your specific presentation style.

Other Features

  • Customizable Branding 
  • Add Color Codes for Perfect Branding
  • Version History
  • Themes for Default Colors/Images
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Drag-n-Drop for Easy Use
  • Background Videos- Yours or Our AI Video Generator
  • “Click to Copy” Button Slide
  • AI Voiceovers To Choose From
  • Background Music Options


iDecide Pro Subscription
Create and Send Unlimited myiDecide Presentations


  • Unlimited access to the myiDecide presentation builder platform
  • Build and edit as many AI driven, interactive presentations as you’d like
  • Easy to use drag-n-drop builder
  • Dozens of ready-to-go templates to choose from
  • AI Script Generator helps write your script to coincide with a custom template
  • Unlimited real time edits
  • Professionally curated color schemes and backgrounds
  • Allow any subscriber to send your presentation
  • No Coding
  • Advanced Analytics with Zapier Integration
  • 15 minute 1:1 training session with Customer Success Coach
  • Send as many presentations as you’d like
  • Access to the iDecide app
  • Use on any device or browser
  • Analytics to track your results
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
You have the option to upgrade each presentation to:

Optional Per-Presentation Add-Ons

“Done With You”- We get you started with a simple questionnaire!

Delivery Timeframe – approximately 1 week

  • Answer a brief questionnaire about your business and branding.
  • We’ll build your AI driven, interactive presentation for you and add it to your account.
  • We do the dirty work, all that’s left to do is review and personalize your presentation!

“Done For You”- Our professional designers build it for you!

Delivery Timeframe – approximately 2 weeks

  • Hop on a coaching call and share your vision with our expert team.
  • Supply the script (up to 1,500 words) or answer a short questionnaire and we’ll write it for you.
  • Approve the script or request edits.
  • Send us your brand images or our iDesigners will curate them for you.
  • We’ll add your presentation directly to your account so it’s ready for review and sharing.
  • One hour of edits included to make any desired changes after completion.