Give us your script, we turn it into an iDecide!

All users need a subscription in order to use iDecide. Users can be billed monthly for $24.95/mo or annually at $12.50/mo.

Want to provide iDecide for all of your company’s reps? Contact us for discounted volume pricing!

Optional Services

Script Writing


We do a strategy call to grasp your vision, and then we do all the work – script writing, presentation design, custom content creation…

Less Than
100 Users


Have fewer than 100 people using iDecide but know it can help your business? For a one time fee we’ll waive the minimum user stipulation!



iDecide analytics places the data that matters most to you and your success at your fingertips in real-time. We’ll even review it with you on our FREE monthly iDecide analytic coaching calls.

  • Slide Views by Count & Percentage
    See how many times slides have been viewed and which slides get the highest percentage of views

  • Close Rates
    Find out which closing actions are the most popular, and how many people are making buy decisions on your slides

  • Geographical View
    You know where you are sending your presentations, but do you know where they are being viewed?  This tool helps you see what parts of the world giving you the most traction

  • Number of Opens & Views
    Someone may have opened your iDecide, but that doesn’t mean they actually watched any of it. This gives you a look into how many people are viewing your presentation, as opposed to just bouncing away
  • User Information
    See the real performance of each team member- great for coaching and contests!

  • Presentations Per User
    Monitor the productivity of your team, and find out which closing actions are the most popular, and how many people are making buy decisions on your slides

  • Expanded Reports
    See detailed breakdowns on presentation outcomes, how views are started, where your invitations are getting the most attention, and clear breakdowns of your funnel performance

  • Enhanced UI
    More than just tables, your data shows in pie charts, bar graphs, pie charts, and other methods to make digesting data significantly easier

  • Custom Reporting Available
    Run custom reports in real-time, any time you like

  • Coaching Calls
    We’ll review the data with you each month to see how your iDecide can be improved

How Do We Build It?

  • We take the presentation you’re currently using and turn it into an interactive experience that’ll blow your prospects away!
  • Your iDecide script can include up to 2500 words
  • Viewers will be able to interact with your iDecide up to 15 times, including 3 interactions that perform calculations and/or change the content of your presentation
  • Your iDecide can have up to 6 options at the end for your prospects to choose from
  • Even though iDecides aren’t videos, you can still include up to 5 one minute videos that can contain whatever content you would like (we recommend testimonials)

Fifty Slides




Custom Interactions


  • Your iDecide will be professionally voiced over by your choice of male or female talent.
  • There is a 20% referral paid each month on subscribers who sign up using your iDecide ID. You can either keep the money OR donate it to your favorite charity.
  • You’ll receive ongoing support calls with our coaches to review feedback, close rates, and data. Our goal is to continually improve your iDecide’s performance, without adding to your workload.
  • Presentations can be edited by our design team with the first 60 minutes included at no extra cost. Additional design time is only $100 per hour billed in 15-minute increments

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