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  • What if I don’t have an iDecide ID?

    If you’d like to use an iDecide that someone else created, simply ask them for their iDecide ID.

  • Will I know when someone watches my iDecide?
    Yes! You’ll be notified when they start to watch it, and again when they make choices in the presentation.

  • Can I get notifications by text?
    Yes! You can choose text or email notifications

  • Can I use more than 1 iDecide presentation?
    Yes! Just enter the iDecide IDs to add presentations to your account.

  • How do I add another presentation to my list to send?
    Click “My Account” in the top right corner of your dashboard, then click “Add Presentation”, and enter the iDecide ID for the presentation you’d like to add.

  • Can I spam?
    In a word- NO! You can have your account terminated without refund.

  • Can I share my account with someone?
    No. Your presentations have YOUR contact info in them and will take the viewers to YOUR website address at the end. And it’s against our terms of use so you’ll have your account turned off without refund.

  • How are iDecide presentations sent?
    Text, email, Messenger… any way you like!

  • Can I post my iDecide instead of sending it?
    Yes! On websites, in emails, auto responders, on social media… anywhere!

  • Is there a limit on how many presentations I can do?
    No! Use iDecide as often as you like and as much as you like!

  • What happens to my presentations if I cancel my account?
    Your presentations will be deactivated upon cancellation.

  • How do I edit or delete contacts?
    Hover over the name and click the edit icon to the far right.

  • How do I text a presentation?
    Login from your phone and choose to copy and paste the link when prompted, then simply copy and paste it into your text message.

  • Can I choose to receive text notifications on some, and email notifications on others?
    Yes! You make that choice for each presentation you send.

  • How do I change my email, billing info, password...?
    Click “My Account” in the top right corner of your dashboard.

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