What is a timeline?

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What is a Timeline?

In simple terms, a timeline is the linear guild that tells the order of events. However, an iDecide or a myiDecide is not meant to be linear. Our presentations allow you to express yourself and company so that others can get a chance to know and understand you while also giving them the freedom to pick and choose the topics they may be interested in.

How does a timeline work with a myiDecide?

Builder Timeline Flow

Glad you asked! As you already know our presentations are interactive. Meaning the viewers have a certain level of control of what direction they take in a presentation. A timeline allows you to make sure they watch your content in a certain order, but with that said, you can have optional topics throughout your presentation that viewers can choose to see.

How to direct your audience?

myiDecide uses a simple system where you can choose what buttons and slides send the viewer. To do this, you go into your edit tab after making your timeline and choose which slide you’d like to edit.

After you’ve selected what slide you want to edit, you will be able to coordinate where your slide buttons will send the viewers based on their choices!

Builder Edit Slides Graphic

Here are examples as well as what you can expect to see when editing:

Builder Slide Target

Builder 2 Button Fork

The “Button Target” section is where you will determine where the viewer will go after they click on a specific button.

After finding where the “Button Target” section is, select what slide destination you would like them to go to next.

Builder Fork Target

Builder 3 Line Text Slide

Though iDecide and myiDecide aren’t meant to be linear, they can be!

  • Slides that don’t have an interaction will default to the next slide in your timeline unless specified otherwise.

Useful Notes!

Naming your slides will help you stay organized and prevent confusion when   choosing your slide targets and destinations.

– We’ve also introduced color coding so you can better differentiate your slides and topics!

-For a complete presentation experience, your presentation must include an “Intro” slide and “closing” slide.

Builder Slide Title

Builder Timeline Color Coded


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