What are slide categories?

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What are Slide Categories?

Just as the name says! Our slide categories are a simple way for us to categorize our content so it’s more digestible for all creators! We don’t want our users to spend hours just trying to navigate or simply find an animation they want to use. Our animations and interactions are split into these various categories:


– Intros
– Closes

  • – Menus
  • – Text
  • – Button Interactions
  • – Sliders
  • – Images
  • – Logo Reveals
  • – Other Cool Stuff (Literally!)


How to use the slide categories in myiDecide?

Glad you asked! myiDecide is our Drag-N-Drop presentation tool. Simply select your slide you would like to use and drag it into your timeline. You can also click the slide and it will automatically put that slide at the end of your timeline.

Important note:

For a complete presentation experience, your presentation must include an “Intro” slide and “closing” slide. You can’t start without an intro slide, and you can’t finish without a closing slide.

    Cool Tips-n-Tricks!

    Here’s an example of a button slide being used as an animation rather than an interaction.

    Builder Button Target None

    Builder 2 Button Diamond

    • Simply select the “Button Target” section and choose “NONE”. Doing this will disable the interactive button and allow you to use the animation without the viewer being able to interact with the slide. The animation will play out and will automatically continue to the next slide.

    Here’s an example of a menu slide displaying multiple logos.

    Builder Image Library Button

    Builder Logo In Buttons

    When editing a menu slide, delete text and insert an image with your logo(s) embedded. We recommend using a 3rd party software such as Adobe Photoshop. You can use our image editor to adjust your image size and placement.


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