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Awesome! Congratulations on completing your presentation! We’re super excited to see your success in your future endeavors! Before you wrap up your final presentation, we’d like to take the time to show you some helpful notes.

In the review stage of making your presentation, you’ll be able to view and interact with your presentation as anyone as would! This is an important part of the creation process because this is where you can catch and fix any errors or mishaps you may encounter.

Builder Review Graphic

A common mistake often caught at this stage is your menu/ button targets and destinations not navigating the presentation as intended. Make sure you and your audience can navigate to the correct slides you have chosen.

What to do when Troubleshooting!

We understand that most, if not all, creators have some trouble making their first myiDecide presentation. If you are not pleased with your content, you are 100% allowed to change your presentation at any time. Should you change your content after publishing, your presentation link will automatically be updated in real time! Just make sure to republish your presentation again after changes have been made.

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You’re bound to edit, correct, and alter your presentation’s content after reviewing it for the first time. The important thing is… YOU CAN DO THAT! And so can we. Should you find yourself stuck or suffering from a creative block, we offer an upgrade for myiDecide called “iDecide Assist!” You can upgrade anytime and our iDesigners ™ will take care of your presentation after a short questionnaire and uploading some marketing material you’d like for us to use in your presentation!

After Publishing your presentation!

So after publishing your presentation you may have seen the phrase “iDecide ID.” An iDecide ID is your unique sharable link that allows you to send or view your presentation anywhere!

Helpful note: If you forgot to copy your unique iDecide ID then you can republish your presentation (via the review tab) and it will be given to you again.

After getting your iDecide ID you will navigate to your iDecide back office by:

– Login into idecide.com
– Navigate to the Account tab
– Click on “Add Presentation”
– Paste you unique iDecide ID & click “Next”

Builder Your iDecide ID

Back Office Account Tile

After following these simple steps, you will have successfully added your myiDecide presentation to your account and locked and loaded for when you want to send it out to your prospects!

How to send a presentation?

After adding your presentation to your account, you’ll want to start sending people a link to view your presentation! This is incredibly easy to do! To generate a shareable link:

  • – Find the “Post A link tab” in your back office.

  • – Find the name of your presentation & click “Next”

Back Office Post A Link Tile

A link will immediately be generated for you! There are plenty of different ways to share your presentation! Share your presentation via email, text, personal/ company website, Instagram, Twitter, linkedin, even QR codes! (QR codes are generated through 3rd party sites & software)

Helpful Tips & Tricks!

Do you have someone that wants to share your personal presentation? If your contact already has an iDecide Account, you can give them your iDecide ID so they can share your story!
(Important Note: Giving your contact an iDecide ID will NOT give them access to edit the chosen presentation.)

As said before, you can share your presentation in a multitude of ways, but perhaps the most interesting way to share your presentation would be a QR code! QR codes are a cool and instant way for someone to see your presentation simply by looking at the code through their phone camera! Imagine sharing your presentation by giving someone a business card with your QR code on it!

QR Code Graphic

How to acquire a QR code? As of right now, we do not generate QR codes for presentations directly from our website; but we do hope that we can in the future! Luckily, in the age of technology, we can help you generate one using other resources!

We recommend using https://www.qr-code-generator.com/

-Go to the qr-code website
– Paste your generated presentation link
– Download the Jpg or Svg file
– Voila! EASY!

QR Code Generator


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