Choosing A Template

 Why use a template? #

The selection of templates will be growing constantly, but we’ve given you some of the most common ones to get you started. A template gives you the basis of your presentation so you can jump in and start easily editing the text and background images of slides to fit your brand. The templates provide a solid foundation from which to begin, and then give you the ability to customize as you go.


What’s in a template? #


Each template is equip with:

–  Introduction questions/ interactions
–  A main menu
–  Slides to build out each Main Menu section
–  Professional default pictures to use
–  Call to action choices
–  Timeline color coordination to help you stay organized
–  Notes throughout to guide you


Builder Choose A Template

Can I add and remove slides from templates? #

Yes! Everything in the template is customizable. You can add additional slides by dragging them from the catalog to your preferred place in the timeline. Or removing the ones you may not need by hovering over the slide and clicking the red X in the top right corner.

Pro Tip: Make sure you update slide destinations and button targets if you add or delete a slide! 

Builder Timeline With Slides

Builder Timeline Hover

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