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iDecide presentations are:

  • Personalized
  • Customized to each viewer
  • Interactive

What is an iDecide?

Stunning graphics, real time data, calculators, the viewer’s name…  all IN your presentation, and much much more. Oh yeah, and iDecides are fully interactive so the viewer chooses what THEY want to see, not what you’re forcing them to see!

iDecide presentations do the opening call for you, saving you precious time.  An iDecide will ask your prospects probing questions, skip information they aren’t interested in, and answer most of their questions before you even talk to them.

iDecide puts the viewer in the driver’s seat, letting them choose what they want to see, and letting them move on to the next step in the sales process when they are ready.

Our analytics place the data that matters most to you at your fingertips. Presentation views, rep activity, close rates… you’ll even know EXACTLY which parts of your iDecide are working and which need improvement! We’ll even review it with you on our monthly iDecide analytic coaching calls at no extra cost.


Videos do a lot, but one thing they don’t do is allow people to interact.


iDecide presentations show information in real-time based on user input.


Reps get instant notifications when a prospect views the presentation.

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iDecide Is
Not A Video

We can do so much more than just a video, so please don’t call us one.

…we take offense to that ; )

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